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School History

Teachers before the school were registered as government school: Mmadise Tong, an unqualified teacher from Tigerkloof. The school was housed in the LMS church.

Mr Rabotoko Tau who held evening classes in his home for those who could not attend day school as some were herding cattle during the day. He used paraffin tin lamps; these were called Molo pita in setswana.


In 1912 the school was still a privately organised school. The school was controlled by the LMS Ministers, Jabetla a teacher by Mr Gaosekwe Loabile, also as Unqualified as Mr Jabetla.

The school was registered as a government school in 1914. The first teachers were: Mr Kingsley Mocumi from Kudumane. Mr Atan Khehla, a xhosa young man from Port Elizabeth who died the same year of TB.


Teachers were paid by the government through LMS. The classes later spread to other churches in the early fifties which were: Anglican church building and later the Methodist church.
The principal in 1960 was Mr Monare from Warrenton. Later Mr E.A Setae, the man who negotiated a proper school building with the tribal authority. The school was started in 1968. It was building of ten classrooms. Parents had to pay building funds for such a building. Mr E.A Setae was promoted to be a school inspector.
Mr Mabothe acted as a principal in 1974. He was permanently employed as a principal in 1975. He resigned the end of 1975 and left Ganyesa Primary School.
Mr B.V Tlhomelang took over. Mr V.K Loabile, Mrs I.M Tong from October 1983 – March 1997. She added an additional building by building a school hall which catered for two classrooms, a four roomed teacher`s cottage and installed electricity.

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